B.ED ADMISSION OPEN 2024-26 SESSION FROM MDU/CRSU/KUK HARYANA, JIWAJI MP | NIOS Online Admission 2024-2025 For Class 10th / 12th
Delhi, Patna, Muzaffarpur Mon – Sun: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM


Advance Diploma In Business Administration Is A One Year Diploma Which Aims To Train Students In Business Administration And Management. This Program Gives Solid Foundation In Business Administrations. The Program Is Delivering In Blend Of On-Line And Study Materials.

The Advanced Diploma in Business Administration meets the needs of those wanting to gain a qualification which provides a firm grounding in business administration and a basis for the further academic study. This course focuses on the functional areas of management and administration within an organisation and how those disciplines integrated at the operational level, linking with the overall corporate strategy to achieve short, medium and long-term objectives. It identifies the essential characteristics of managing information systems, business analysis techniques, internal and external business structures, management control, financial management and management behaviour. It aims to develop learners’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

At the end of this programme, learners will be able to,  

Develop administrative skills to manage information systems within the organisation.

Develop problem-solving techniques and critical thinking skills in a business situation.>

Demonstrate an understanding of the internal structure and external relationship for companies doing business at an international level.

Demonstrate an understanding of the management control and planning.

Examine the concept of entrepreneurship including behaviours, processes and skills relate to small business and enterprise.

Manage budget and perform financial analysis to the organisations for effective decision making.

Manage complex issues in the organisation to improve management practice.

Perform environmental analysis for strategic marketing decision making to implement the strategy.

Develop managerial and leadership skills to manage team performance.

Gain knowledge about the advanced economic literature and legal systems in which business operate.

Develop, test, implement and monitor a new project within an organisation

Apply research methodologies for effective decision making.

Develop an ability to analyse information and to identify a research question and to apply advanced research techniques and tools to create new literature which is justifiable and measurable

Advanced Diploma in Business Administration offers and provides careers related guidance and support to students which are -

  • Positive, constructive and helpful
  • Practical
  • Realistic
  • Impartial and client centred
  • Progression onto Top UP one Year BA (Hon) degree at UK recognised University
  • Progression onto EBMA Level 6 Graduate Diploma in Business Administration Leading to MBA at an advanced level or Certificate stage in Business related masters’ qualification.

The Advanced Diploma in Business Administration provides range of knowledge and skills relating to international business, entrepreneurship, management and leadership, finance, marketing, business law, sales force management and research methods for managers. Graduate can utilise these skills to find a good and well paid job in all areas of management and administration.

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